The 14th book of the Portraits of Saints

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 Antonio Maria Sicari present their complete figures in his books, without stylisation or exaltations, but full of human and Christian passion, desire for the supernatural, and also hunger and thirst for justice, love of God and solidarity for every person, and despite his disfigured face, it is the face of one for whom Christ died.

Sicari’s saints are not only accurate biographic stories, reconstruction of an epoch or thoughts, but also an explanation of the Gospel, and renewed proposals of the annunciation through the testimonials of disciples who tried to conform their lives to the Gospel of Christ.  The old, medieval, modern and contemporary portraits are, therefore, like tassels of the sole face of Christ, living explanations of the Gospel which the Church, as the communion of saints, is called to live in every age. (excerpt from the Jaka Book catalog).

In the 14th book of the “Portraits of Saints” we find Igino Giordani, God’s Servant, presented among those saints whom “God asked to pursue a path that crossed important crossroads of the human and Christian epoch we live in.”

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