Marching for peace in Sardinia

A  march to reaffirm the deep desire for peace mobilised several people in Sardinia (Italy). Among the supporters was the Focolare Movement.

At a dramatic moment in history, with a war in the heart of Europe that is escalating, and so many other forgotten conflicts in the world, the Sardinian March for Peace took place on 27 November in Iglesias (Italy), in the Sulcis Iglesiente region. The participants in this nineteenth edition came from a variety of backgrounds, from trade union members to ordinary citizens, from members of the RWM Reconversion Committee (converting weapons to jobs) to primary school children.

A people on the road to peace, to be lived first of all in the mutual recognition of the dignity of every man and woman and in respecting the views of others without prevarication. The Focolare Movement in Italy is among the supporters of this path and in the message sent by its leaders, it has reaffirmed its closeness and the idea that moves it along this shared path, ending with these words: “As Igino Giordani, a scholar, a peace parliamentarian and co-founder of the Focolare Movement, said: ‘Neither re-armament nor disarmament is enough to remove the danger of war: it is necessary to remove the spirit of aggression and exploitation and dominance, from which war emanaes: it is necessary to rebuild a conscience‘”.


Published On: 05/01/2023Categories: Initiatives, News

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