Archivio Igino Giordani

Archivio Igino Giordani (AIG) has been established since 1985, through a continuous work of acquisition and catalogation of documents, both published (books, articles, etc) and unpublished (letters, manuscripts, recordings, etc). Actually it is so structured:

Documents (mostly unpublished)

  • Archivio I (AIG I) - 91 folders - documents by and about Igino Giordani
  • Archivio II (AIG II) - 49 folders - documents on Igino Giordani relationships with Focolare Movement

Books (published)

  • Books by Igino Giordani - about 100 published volumes, in different editions and translations
  • Essays and brochures by Igino Giordani
  • Anthologies of Igino Giordani's writings
  • Translations by Igino Giordani of other books
  • Correspondence published
  • Prefaces written by Igino Giordani to other books
  • Contributions by Igino Giordani in other books

Magazines and newspapers

  • Magazines publishing articles by Giordani
  • Newspapers publishing articles by Giordani

Works about Igino Giordani

  • Books
  • Essays and published speeches
  • Articles on magazines and newspapers
  • Thesis


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    Written by Igino Giordani  /  Published: Monday, 15 October 2007

    Life is a march towards eternity. A production of love, vitamin of holiness.

    Igino Giordani (in: Laicato e sacerdozio)

    Igino Giordani Center

    Igino Giordani Center

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