The discovery of a new world

14 March 2008: eight years after Chiara Lubich’s “departure” for Heaven. We honor her memory with an exerpt of Giordani taken from the 6th stage of the history of Light, to be soon published in edition 222 of New Humanity.

Chiara giovanni paoloFoco was most struck by Chiara: her wisdom, simplicity, and her belonging completely to God. She was a creature who lived of God and wanted to work for the Church.
Foco had the immediate impression of a unique grandeur, and marveled that the “girls” did not show external signs of veneration, she being a unique superior. It was because they approached her as natural daughters would towards the queen mother, who saw her maternity but not her regality. Moreover, they lived in the same spirit of unity, cultivated in the climate of humility which made all one, and in that unity they did not see any differences.
The presence of Foco – someone who came from outside and was not part of the group – highlighted this relationship.
A letter of Dori  - the second focolarina – clearly expresses this novelty.

Trent, April 1949

Dear Foco,
    I want to thank you right away for your visit and tell you the impression I had of your stay. I felt like a baby in her mother’s arms: I saw and understood nothing else apart from her. When you came, you took me from her and put me on the ground to say: “See how great your mother is!”
You revealed something I was instinctively aware of, but your presence made me understand it fully. 
    Thank you, Foco, and my wish is that you will be really fine.
                In Jesus


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The politics of fraternal collaboration

 On the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO award for “Education towards peace” given to Chiara Lubich, we are citing a few reflections of Giordani on peace and power.

12 03Jesus’s entrance with palms into Jerusalem was the celebration of a pacific messianism - that is, an atypical type of politics – which was immediately cut down by the old type of politics which believed (and maybe will believe) in God and his laws, but trusted (or will trust) more in the sword of its own warriors: more in the panzers than in the announcements of Sinai and the peace treaties, thus transforming the people into an army and the arable soil into killing fields.
Jesus’s messianic politics is summarised in the name of the Kingdom of God, i.e. a regime constituted in the law of God, the end and beginning of which is only God. In this he organizes the people in his own kingdom and leads them along the path of peace. Divine law is turned into a beatitude and leads to a beatitude. The absence of God leads to terror, darkness, and destruction, the lord of which is Satan, the murderer.

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Looking out for surrogates

A surprisingly modern dissertation, in this article, published in the «Fides» magazine in 1960, Giordani analyses the situation of the family, and particularly of the youth...

5 02The youth are prone to heroism. But in a materialistically equipped society there is a lack of ideals and opportunities. And so they start looking for surrogates, far from home and the law. These kids no longer nurture themselves with the Gospel, but live on literature that exalts robbery, early sex, and violence, and literature that reduces all to profits, technicality, and productivity.
We come to wonder: is it only the modern, dynamic and mechanistic lifestyle that provokes evasion and detachment in the boys and girls of our times or are there other causes?
A sense of detachment of sons from their parents is normal and it has always been so.  Today the features and fears of this fact conforms to the times we are in: and the times, of course with sports, the radio, literature, cinema, and travels, distract them, and physically lead them away from the home, more so today than in the feudal eras…
However, the serious phenomena of the disintegration of solidity, harmony and unity of the family, that distinguished our time does exist.

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Mary, experience of Paradise

mariamodelloperfetto2The greatness of Mary is a reflection of the greatness of God: his image and likeness, as should be expected in a creature who wanted only to be the actualization of God’s will. A greatness that is utterly one with simplicity. Nothing is complicated in her: everything is straight and clear and simple. No need of fancy words and clever gestures to approach her. It is enough to say what you think, that she says what she thinks, wholly and completely truthful.

This is why she is free. Free from the endless precaution and carefulness that people use as they come together with their fellows, bearing their burden of fear and calculation, of fantasies and desires. She does not even scare Herod, or the Praetorian Guard, or even the unleashed masses: she does the Father’s will, what does anything else matter? If God is with her, who is against her?

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