Where Chiara's Beauty Lies

The Gospel experience of Chiara Lubich and the first focolarine had fascinated the Italian politician Igino Giordani so much that he joined himself to this small “company” in a new way of holiness. We offer an unpublished talk of Giordani’s in which he presents his own portrait of Chiara Lubich.

chiara-lubich-2Where does Chiara’s beauty lie? It lies in the simplicity with which she lived the Gospel. She took the Gospel literally and lived it. It’s all here. Because, as St. Paul told to the Greeks, Christianity is not found in a culture, but in life, in a few laws of life that are very simple. I’m always very struck by Chiara’s union with God.

I’ve never seen anything like it. She lives with God in each moment, no matter what she says, no matter what she’s doing, wherever she is. She’s managed to achieve that for which we have all been called, that is, to recuperate our unity with God, unity that has been broken by Original Sin.

She is a human creature in whom, whatever she says, whatever she does is in complete harmony with the will of God. Therefore, I can recall how we used to take hikes in the forests during the first Mariapolises. She would pluck a flower and offer the most beautiful interpretation of the blossom, more sublime than you could ever imagine, because she was able to see the work of God: why had God made that corolla, why God had made those petals, why God had made nature in that way, why God had made human beings in that way. . . She searched everywhere for this presence of God’s love.”

Igino Giordani, Loppiano 3 July 1974

Young People Desire Heroism

genfestYoung people always run to a challenge. And if they are not enfeebled by moral entanglements, they are always enamoured by the supreme beauty of God. Then they are prepared to face the most daring battle, the battle of the faith. Then they love the unrewarding risks of purity, of self-denial and dedication. But if they hesitate in front of Christ, perhaps it is because they are only familiar with a deformed image of Him, having been presented a religion which outwardly appears weak, worldly, mediocre, coated in compromise and compressed by so many adjustments, like a secondary, marginal or even half-hidden activity, something senile and boring, panting as it strives to keep up with the pace of the generations. But young people, if they are able to discover the true face of Christ, if they are able to grasp the real essence of the Church, then they are swept away precisely by the risk which the Gospel contains. During the Church’s adolescence the Early Church Fathers had said: “It is a dangerous risk to forget about God.” And young people want to run this dangerous adventure, to jump into the fray of loving God in the midst of the world.

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