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It is not the citizen who gains value from the nation, but the nation that gains value from the citizens. Politics does not come first, followed by the rights of individuals. Politics aims to protect the rights of the individuals in the community.

Igino Giordani, Catholic revolt, Coletti, 1945, p. 39

Politics, as the art of governing the peoples for their good, authority that constitutes the service to the people, if often transformed to do evil to the population: authority that turns upside down in dominion, placing the service of the people for his own benefit. In reality, politics, in such totalitarian and imperialistic regimes and in certain phases of capitalism has become the art of wiping out people, consuming them and scattering them in a inhuman and badly paid labour or dragging them into a war adventure which are now nothing else but hunger and butchery.

Igino Giordani, Dehumanism, Morcelliana, 1948, p. 48-49

It is a heroic act of sanctity to descend to counter the advancing of madness in the political terrain: throwing the soul into the struggle for the health of our brothers, to serve our brothers, the most unfortunate. The effort of politics should be that of charity, and thus a pressure to overcome the division of parties and classes within external races and languages.

Igino Giordani, Dehumanism, cit., p. 50

There are those who think that we should donate exclusively to politics, unions, social activities also for the purpose of constructing God’s Kingdom on earth: there are those who exclude earthly activities also in this construction. Both are types of actions: we have to harmonise Politics and Philosophy, which often, allies with the passions of exploitation, having reducd man to a slavery at the feet of master: the only worthy thing worth doing was to die.

Igino Giordani, The journey of the people of God, New City, 1967, p. 82-84

The political man, the citizen, if a believer, translate his faith in public works, that is, making it an earthly experiment of justice and charity, for the production of common good. The protestant socialist Stafford Cripps said that in order to survive democracy must found itself on a life of prayer, on a concrete religiosity. Otherwise it would be the target of the abuses of the cunning.

Igino Giordani, The journey of the people of God, cit., p.168-170

The priest does his duty with the sacrifice of the Eucharist and the ministry of the sacraments. Parents generate and educate children, artists who creating beauty, scientists who reveal science, politicians who support the communities.

Igino Giordani, The journey of the people of God, cit., p.176

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