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MariaModelloPerfettoWhen silence surrounds you like the barbed wired of a concentration camp, and the ingratitude with the abandonment of your brethren isolates you, think of Mary: poetry will flow like the sunlight brightening the horizons of your imagination, and behind Her, the graces of the Lord will follow in an ever more intimate dialogue.
Nobody can comprehend solitude and can share your pain, like Mary. With her presence she will take on our trial, purify it – and imbue it with harmony of paradise and lead our soul towards the contemplation of the saints. And so the desolation opens out from the earth to the contemplation of heaven, and solitude becomes a path towards communion.

Igino Giordani, Maria the perfect model, New City, Rome, (1967) 2012, p.145.

Especially the more humble creatures, the most ignorant, and most assailed by coexistence, sanctify themselves and conceal the image of Mary, their strength and refuge, in the depth of their troubled soul. This is why we may at times discover a picture of Mary even in the atheist’s wallet and belongings of a criminal.
And probably especially due to this, even the non-Christians of Asia and Africa are filled with joy if they are able to have a picture of her.  Only she stands by us in the agony of the body and the spirit. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Church ends the Hail Mary with the prayer in which, as sinners, we ask her to pray for us now and in the hour of our death. This is precisely so we will not die.

Igino Giordani, Maria the perfect model, cit., p.147-148.


If we start to think of Our Lady, we immediately begin to sing her praise. She is a Mother, and rather, the Mother par excellence, and since all children find joy and help, all tend to exalt her beauty and invoke her power and patience. This is how the litanies were born. 


Igino Giordani, «Fides» no. 9, September 1948

Mary did not shed blood or climb on the cross. She was not processed, and did not preach or work miracles… It is true; but this means that the perfect imitation of her comes about in our soul. It is not the external formalities that count, but interior crucifixion, apostolate of life, and resistance to boredom, fatigue and trials of living the experience of the earth, with the spirit of Christ.

Igino Giordani, Maria the perfect model, cit., p.164.

Jean Guitton tried to draft the litanies in modern terms, and called her the «Virgin of reflection,» «Queen of surprises,» «Queen of our decisions,» and «Virgin mediator of history.»
When Mary arrives, the universal Church sings. Amid the bleakness and boredom, her name pops up and the atmosphere is filled with endless light. She is the sun in which God set his abode.

Igino Giordani, Maria the perfect model, cit., p.182.

Substantially, for a married person, imitating Mary means to live chastity radically, up to the point of virginizing one’s thoughts and sentiments, so that one’s heart belongs entirely to God. And we are virginized with that love we are able to give.
To relive Mary is to live like angels, under the traits of humans. It means making your own family a copy of the family of Nazareth.  It means making the body – with sacrifice and renunciation – an altar.

Igino Giordani, Maria the perfect model, cit., p.204.

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