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tappa 78 2Every system divided in itself breaks. Only what is united holds fast. The first feature of the Church is unity; the first characteristic of the family is unity. These two societies are divinely instituted precisely due to this,,  and can resist corrosion and perform their tasks coherently. In a Christian system founded on love, unity becomes its crown and corolla. To no surprise, the legacy Jesus gave us culminates in a need for unity. If people love one another, they become one, and in being one, are united with God. With their unity they perform a continuous and amazing miracle, and evoke, almost like priests at the altar, Christ’s presence among them: «Where two or three are united in my name, I am in their midst.» It is thus easy to make daily life a sort of Mass, where the man-God comes down from heaven on earth to stay with us and in us.  If unity leads to God – it is the way the human reaches the divine - division which is fracture generates barriers disabling transition. Whoever divides cuts Christ to pieces. More so, St.Augustine said – whoever divides the mass of Christians who form the Mystical Body of Christ, is worse than the crucifiers who did not go to the extreme of cutting Christ’s body into peaces.
Whoever does not love, lives in death, and whoever loves enters into life. 

Igino Giordani, Words of Life, SEI Torino, 1954, pp. 75-77


Bread and sandwich filling


Jesus retained that feeding the hungry is a religious act: that religion in which He taught us to pray to Our Father in heaven and at the same time ask him to give us our daily bread on earth. It was not one or the other, but both. And these simultaneous and inseparable facts are part of the economy of the Incarnation where the human and the divine are not counterpoised but united, and form the body of Christ: making up Christianity. 
Jesus acted and preached. He not only preached, but acted through words and works of charity for man in his entirety: soul and stomach. His works were a total project of healing of the health of souls and bodies. He redeemed prostitutes and healed lepers. He treated the diseased in spirit and the sick bodies. He satisfied hungry stomachs and quenched tappa 78souls: he knew that man does not live on bread alone but also with bread.
We see Christ in our brethren, if we see with Christ’s eyes. And in all cases, we serve Him in those who are hungry, nude, and  in need. The Fathers of the Church used to say: Whoever among you who is able to help your brother and does not help him, is a murderer, like Satan. That is, instead of being Christ for our brethren is Satan to him.
Our brother is needy so that I can help him. One could say that he is needy so that my charity can act. It is a circle, and in this way he and I get closer to God who is charity. 

Igino Giordani, Words of life, cit., pp. 78-82

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